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 Welcome to Counseling West Seattle! 

Mental Health is often complex, enigmatic, and elusive –

but getting good Mental Health Care shouldn’t be!

Counseling West Seattle is a local group practice that has been helping clients adjust, recover, and thrive for nearly 10 years. Our highly experienced, competent, and hardworking staff are committed to your wellbeing and focused on results.


We offer individual, couples, and family therapy in our warm and welcoming California Ave. office, as well as from the comfort and convenience of your own home via Telehealth appointments.


We work with clients from early childhood to late adulthood and proudly serve a diverse clientele of any race, religion, orientation, or ability.


We are passionate about your care and promise to treat you with kindness and respect at every turn. Give us a call to get started!


Get in Touch!

Counseling West Seattle

6957 California Ave. S.W.

Seattle, WA 98136

Tel: (206)-938-5947

Scheduling: (253)-777-8280

Fax: (206)-923-2642

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