Jasper Glapion, Marketing Administrator

I am Jasper Glapion, Marketing Administrator for Counseling West Seattle. I began working for Toni Napoli in 2022 and I manage Counseling West Seattle's social medias, websites, and other online information to make sure that our team and customers are always up to date. I also market and promote our counseling in various places. I am constantly looking for new ways to promote this team of hardworking counselors, both their online and offline presence, so they can reach and help as many individuals as possible.

I am mainly behind the scenes and am fairly new in comparison to the rest of our staff but just as motivated. You may never meet me, but I have confidence in our team and their abilities to lead clients on a path of mental healing and care for themselves. I am excited to be a part of work that brings hope and guidance to those who need it.

In my time off work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, going outside to experience new things, being a massive sonic nerd and am a passionate artist.