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Counseling West Seattle - The Beginning

The origins of Counseling West Seattle came from the desire to continue doing what I loved: providing mental health counseling to others and supervising fellow counselors in their endeavors. I love connecting with people and I love bringing groups together.

First it was a dream while I was working in my private practice; then an idea germinating in my thoughts. The name “Counseling West Seattle” was forefront in my mind, but only existed in my imagination. Eventually, it became official as a web domain, and it became a true reality when I asked a therapist and my administrative assistant to join me in forming an actual business. The intention has always been to provide excellent care for the public with best practice, and to allow clients to use their insurance to keep the service affordable. Finally, in 2014 when we sold our West Seattle home and I left my solo practice, it became a reality.

We began with me, one other clinician, and our administrative assistant in a small space, consisting of just two offices, a waiting area, and a restroom. As the business blossomed, I hired Barney Cohen as a business consultant and he has been proven to be a lifeline, helping Counseling West Seattle develop into a thriving business hosting ten skilled therapists.

Another deliberate intention was to serve all ages – children, adolescents, and adults – as well as couples and families. It’s crucial for us to respect and include all races, sexual orientations, genders, and beliefs.

One thing which sets Counseling West Seattle apart is that we strive to be an integral part of the West Seattle community. Through engagement with the West Seattle Chamber and the West Seatle Therapists group, we aim to fill the role of neighborhood counseling center.

Almost a decade later, I am very proud of both Counseling West Seattle itself and our individual therapists, who work to help people every day by listening, advising, and providing sound psychological therapy. I am always proud of and thankful to the team that has helped Counseling West Seattle grow steadily and continue to run smoothly, especially Clinical Director Elliot Grossman, Administrative Director Patti Lusby, and Assistant Director Andrew Burgon.

As CWS continues to grow, we remain open to new clients, and are also open to new counselors who wish to join our group.

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